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Winning stat trends

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Written by Pickwatch Adam
Updated 3 months ago

This page tells you which stats most accurately predict the winner of each team’s games, and also who is favored in that metric in their next game.

In this example, the 77% represents the number of Cleveland Browns games decided by the team who have the most rushing yards this season. The Browns logo tells us that in the next game, the Browns hold an advantage in this stat.

Click the logo to see the difference between the two teams in the next game.

Note: The % is not the amount of games that the team has won while having this stat in their favor, it is the % of the team’s games that have been decided in favor of the team that held the advantage in that statistic coming into the game.

You can edit the filters to calculate the % of a team’s games won over an amount of your choosing, so if you select 25, it will calculate how many of every NFL team’s last 25 games were decided in favor of the team that had a statistical advantage in each category.

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